Amazon and Their Best Selling Video Game Content

When it comes to gaming, I pride myself on being quite knowledgeable on the subject. When looking at what Amazon has on their ‘Best Seller’ list, I admit I expect to see more actual games. However, video game content goes beyond just the games themselves, there are plenty of accessories and products beyond just the games. Amazon and their best selling video game listings have plenty to offer so every gamer can find something to like.

Best Selling Video Games

Let’s start with the basics, the actual video games. Near the top of the list, most of the actual games are Switch games. Knowing that the Switch has a plethora of amazing video games, there is no surprise that they are up here. Games like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario 3D World are staple games, and games I am happy to own. Farther down the list, more Switch games show up, which is just a testament to the Switch’s impressive library. I could keep talking about games all day, but there is so much more to discuss.

Gift Cards and Memberships

With modern gaming, playing online and buying games digitally have become much more popular. This is well reflected in various gift cards and membership cards taking up many top spots. With the Ps5, the Series X|S and even the Switch all having digital shops, getting the latest games has never been easier. With the holidays fresh behind us, it is easy to see what made these gift cards so popular. Even with all those game options, what fun would it be to only be able to play alone? This is where the online memberships cards step in. Again, this product probably spiked in popularity due to the holiday season, but they are important nonetheless. There is still one last topic on this best seller list to cover yet, so let’s get right to it.


Finally, we have arrived at the accessories. This can range from controllers to headphones to keyboards and beyond. You can never go wrong with having an extra controller for when friends come over, or having quality headphones to get an edge on the competition. I always have an extra controller for each of my systems on hand. Along with that, I have a gaming headset for my xbox one (my main gaming console).

I know I talked a lot about a topic that you could easily just look at Amazon yourself for, but I am glad you took some time to hear my opinions. Now, let us see if Amazon has something to help expand on your gaming prowess.

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